A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.
John Davison Rockefeller
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Сarana LLC is a Moscow-based consulting company that specializes in providing commercial companies, public authorities and non-profit organizations services in the field of economic sectors restructuring , markets design, elaboration of financial and economic models of legal regulation and institutional development, normative legal documents elaboration, building relationships between various economic sectors, services in the field of market research and forecasting, services in the sphere of enhancing the effectiveness of administrative, economic, financial, investment activities of companies, strategic planning services, optimization of the overall functioning of organizations, conducting business, as well as the development of specialized software and hardware systems.

Today we are the ONLY Russian company that offers its customers not only the PROJECT itself, but also the METHODS of its implementation, including the elaboration of proposals on amending the current regulatory framework in order to safeguard the effective and complete implementation of the project.

Combining our extensive education with practical experience and talent, we offer our clients deep knowledge, professionalism, innovative ideas, optimum solutions and SUCCESS in solving the assigned tasks.

Our company today provides the following:

EXCELLENT KNOWLEDGE AND EDUCATION designed to serve the benefit of our customers.

UNIQUE EXPERIENCE of implementing projects in the field of major economic entities, natural monopolies, industrial complexes and municipalities reforming, as well as in the restructuring of enterprises and diversified holdings.

INDIVIDUAL APPROACH TO EACH CLIENT, understanding of corporate values and management practices, effective cooperation with the managers and specialists throughout the project implementation.

WILLINGNESS TO SOLVE PROBLEMS OF VIRTUALLY ANY COMPLEXITY, searching and offering optimal solutions based on the exceptional experience and extensive expertise of the company’s specialists.

RESPONSIBILITY to implement projects of any level of complexity.

REPUTATION of a consulting company that always prefers the quality and competence to quantity and temporary success.

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