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Strategic Consulting

CARANA provides the following services in the field of strategic consulting:

1.Elaboration and implementation of the concept of improving the efficiency of economic sectors functioning:

  • Fuel and energy companies
  • Housing
  • Water supply and wastewater
  • Transport
  • Education and science
  • Light industry
  • Other industries

What can the work be composed of?:

  • Elaborating, improving the rules of the industry functioning
  • Competitive environment development, finding the optimal level of liberalization in the sector
  • Amending, improving pricing rules, tariff regulation
  • Quality and reliability management
  • Amending, improving the financial and contractual structure
  • Changing the principles and forms of state regulation and control
  • Elaboration, improvement of the system of self-regulation
  • Changing the technical regulations requirements
  • Elaboration, amendment of other areas/aspects of the industry’s functioning
  • Elaboration of reports, analytical materials
  • Elaboration, promotion of legal and regulatory framework

2. Elaboration and implementation of competitive markets

What can the work be composed of?

  • Elaborating the model of competitive markets functioning, including industries with partial liberalization (partially deregulated)
  • Development of legal and regulatory framework for the markets functioning
  • Elaboration of a mathematical model for calculating competitive market prices based on the rules of market operation, including taking into account the infrastructural and other limitations
  • Markets functioning modeling, including based on a specially developed software and hardware complex
  • Elaboration of requirements for the introduction of markets, including:
  • Requirements for the structure of the corresponding sector
  • Requirements (economic, financial, legal, technical) to the market participants
  • Commercial and technological infrastructure of the market requirements
  • Elaboration of a system of contractual relations between market players

3.Elaboration and implementation of model of effective development of individual areas and economic sectors, including:

  • Innovation
  • Energy conservation and energy efficiency
  • Environmental protection
  • Development of renewable energy
  • State and local government procurement
  • Taxes and budget
  • Prospective contractual relations: concessions, regulatory agreements, life-cycle contracts

What can the work be composed of?

  • Analysis of international experience, elaboration of mechanisms, methods and instruments utilized in international practice, the application of which is reasonable in the Russian Federation
  • Current functional analysis
  • Analysis of relevant existing Russian legislation and practice of its application
  • Elaboration of proposals on mechanisms encouraging the development of the corresponding direction, including economic, institutional, administrative, organizational directions
  • Drawing up the list of normative legal acts which need to be amended and (or) updated to implement the proposed mechanisms explicating the stipulated changes (amendments)
  • Substantial support of the process of discussion and approval of proposals and drafts of normative legal acts with the relevant ministries, departments and organizations
  • Elaboration of reports, analytical materials

4. Elaboration and implementation of development strategies, Company restructuring, certain aspects and directions of its activities

  • Evaluation of the Company's position on the market
  • Elaboration of the Company’s master plan (development strategy)
  • Solving the problem of specification and reporting of the Company's strategy to the performers
  • Developing mechanisms allowing to flexibly adjust the Company's strategy with the change in external and internal factors
  • Bringing the staff motivation system in line with the Company’s strategy

What can the work be composed of?

  • Analysis of competitive advantages and disadvantages
  • Multivariate analysis of relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Benchmarking
  • Identification of possible areas of general development of the Company and the assessment of the Company’s prospects for each of them
  • Selecting one or several directions of the Company's general development
  • Strategy forming
  • Developing clarification materials, holding discussions on strategies for Company employees (seminars, business games, working groups, etc.)
  • Elaboration (adjustment) of policies that embody the implementation of the strategy (assortment, pricing, sales, bonus, investment, etc.)
  • Isolating the factors that determine or influence the Company's strategy, creating the system of their monitoring
  • Developing the procedure of decision-making in case of change of factors that determine or influence the Company’s strategy
  • Developing the procedure for strategy adjustments and review
  • Analysis of the existing system of personnel motivation for compliance with the strategy, preparation of conclusions on the necessary changes
  • Implementation of measures on changing the system of staff motivation in accordance with the selected option (elaboration of the necessary documentation, conducting organizational activities, etc.)
  • Creating the system of collecting objective information on the strategy implementation

Problems to be solved with the help of this work:

  • The lack of reliable, systematically accumulated information about the terms of the Company’s activities on the market and on the industry structure (customers, suppliers, competitors, market share, etc.)
  • Strategic decision making in the absence of objective information on market structure, forecasts of its development, its internal capabilities, advantages and disadvantages of the Company, etc. Wrong strategic decisions might be taken as a result.
  • Delayed response to the new circumstances in accordance with the old strategy which was adopted in the changed circumstances
  • Lack of uniform view of top management on the strategic goals of the Company’s development, which in turn leads to fragmented, contradictory actions
  • Absence of clearly defined actions on individual components of the strategy or their shallow presentation (eg, analysis of customers, suppliers or competitors; action plan on achieving the goals in sufficient detail, etc.)
  • Lack of interaction between management strategic plans and actions of performers in the form of action plan or system of indicators.
  • Lack of accountability for specific actions and indicators for the implementation of the strategy
  • Lack of tools to signal the change of factors affecting the strategy
  • Lack of strategies updating in a rapidly changing environment
  • Lack of a system for collecting and analyzing the information about the external and internal factors of the Company’s activities over a long period of time. As a result, strategic decisions are made in conditions of lack of the information necessary
  • The existing system of staff motivation not stimulating the implementation of the Company's strategy, or contradicting the strategy chosen
  • Lack of objective information on the strategy implementation

5. Elaboration and accompanying discussion of draft laws and regulations

  • Drafts of federal laws, regional laws of the Russian Federation
  • Draft decrees and orders of the Government of the Russian Federation
  • Draft guidelines and orders of federal and regional authorities
  • Draft documents, regulations of self-regulatory organizations
  • Elaboration of plans and schedules on promoting the drafts of normative legal acts

6. Forecasting economic variables at the industry level and for individual enterprises

Forecasting for the following time periods:

  • short-term (week-month)
  • mid- term (1-3 years)
  • long-term (from 3 years onwards)

Forecasted level and dynamics of the following parameters:

  • Prices (tariffs)
  • Production volume (volume of services rendering)
  • Supply and demand
  • Income and expenses
  • Balance of production and consumption, reserves
  • Other value and volume indices of industries and enterprises

What can the work be composed of?

  • Creating forecasts scenario conditions (optimistic, pessimistic, baseline scenario)
  • Elaboration of models and forecasting tools
  • Information content of models
  • Conducting series of calculations
  • Forming the analytical block based on the results of calculations conducted
  • Maintaining and updating the model in accordance with changing conditions

7.Mathematical simulation

  • Creating mathematical models to calculate the results of distributed markets of one (or several) goods in systems with grid infrastructure:
    • formation of prices and volumes
    • grid infrastructure modeling
    • accounting for systemic and other types of restrictions
    • identifying the conditions of competition on the infrastructure services market
    • generating income, expense, individual cost or other indicators
  • Formalizing the use of various optimization principles for obtaining market trading results, including volumes and price formation, in accordance with the following criteria:
    • maximizing the total utility of all market participants (welfare function)
    • achieving the maximum desired result for the Company
    • maximum adherence to the principles of non-discrimination and efficiency in the formation of trading results
  • Describing the conditions for achieving the maximum of the stipulated criteria in terms of price formation and competitive selection principles, modeling
    • systemic and other constraints
    • income, expense, individual cost or other indicators
    • participants bids
  • Creating optimization mathematical models describing the achievement of the maximum desired result for the Company

Discussions, round tables, reports



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