A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.
John Davison Rockefeller
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About our Company


Company «Carana LLC» has been operating on the Russian market since 1994. Originally it specialized in the sphere of transitional economies development, implementing projects of international organizations in such areas as financial management and accounting reform on the basis of IFRS, privatization and restructuring, as well as small business development through microfinancing.

Our principles

We treat each of our clients with a very special attention. We do not offer out-and-dried, formalized solutions. The fundamental principle of our company is as follows: after detailed examination of the existing situation and acknowledgment of the tasks set before us we begin to elaborate recommendations and optimal solutions which will prove to be effective in practice and bring real, tangible benefits. We always try to do what you need.


Today the company employs over 70 consultants who specialize in various areas such as governance and enterprise restructuring, corporate finance and banking, budgeting, accounting and financial management reform, strategic and tactical marketing planning, development of trade and investment, analysis of legislation and institutional development, human resource management, and software.

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