A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.
John Davison Rockefeller
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Our principles

We are guided by the following principles in our work:

Individual approach and respect for the client

We treat each of our clients with a very special attention. We do not offer out-and-dried, formalized solutions. The fundamental principle of our company is as follows: after detailed examination of the existing situation and acknowledgment of the tasks set before us we begin to elaborate recommendations and optimal solutions which will prove to be effective in practice and bring real, tangible benefits. We always try to do what you need.

Assistance in formulating the task

We shall always find the time to listen to you and understand exactly what problems, challenges and situations are the most relevant and important to your company. Even before the start of the project we will help you set the task in such a way that our services prove to be the most useful for you.

Close cooperation of our consultants with the company specialists during the project implementation

The professional experience accumulated, as well as our methods and approaches to our work enable the specialists and the top managers of the client companies to actively participate in the project at all stages of its implementation. We are happy to offer our clients the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and practical skills for further independent work. We believe that the primary result of our work should be the practical ability of the client company to apply and use the solutions suggested by us in their daily business activities.

Support after project completion

Our job with you, our client, is not done once the project is completed. You are always welcome to contact us with any questions or outstanding issues you may have. You can be rest assured that we will not leave you alone with your problems and will render all the assistance necessary. We can also offer you flexible schemes of work in the post-project period to accompany and support the changes incorporated during the course of the project implementation.

The application of world experience, taking into account the specifics of Russian companies

Our consultants have serious experience of practical work with various foreign companies, of studying the world and country specifics as well as the specifics of individual foreign companies in solving various tasks, paired with the experience of adapting the knowledge received to the Russian reality. Our company has a number of professionals who have received the best international education alongside practical training and work practice in various foreign countries. We are able to enlist skilled foreign consultants of various specialization to take part in a specific project, if necessary.

Focusing on long-term cooperation

Focusing our efforts on the real end result as well as the high professionalism of our consultants explain the wish of our clients to seek the services of our company again and again.

Confidentiality and economic security

The reliable reputation of our company and the high level of corporate culture will provide you with complete confidentiality of all information provided in the course of our cooperation.

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