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Education, Training, Working Visits

16-21 May, 2011 Carana LLC consultants together with the representatives of Russian retail companies took part in the seminar dedicated to in-depth study of the German experience on efficient tarification and organization of electricity sales (Berlin - Frankfurt am Main).

16-17 May, 2011 the company took part in the 10th Anniversary Conference of the Regional Energy Regulators Association (ERRA) on investments and regulation (St. Petersburg).

6-11 April, 2011 Carana LLC consultants took a week-long business trip to France and held a number of meetings with representatives of French government agencies responsible for environmental protection, including: representatives of the French State Agency for Environmental Protection and Management of Energy (ADEME), where environmental air monitoring in France as well as economic and administrative incentives for enterprises to reduce negative air impacts were discussed. Meeting with the representatives of the Agency on Water Resources of the River Seine Basin in Normandy saw the discussion of issues related to the organization of system of charging for water use as well as the formation of organizational structures in the water sector in France, alongside issues of economic, administrative and legal incentives for enterprises to reduce negative impacts on water bodies and the introduction of clean technologies of wastewater treatment. During their stay the consultants made a Power Point presentation for their French colleagues entitled "On The Price Formation In The Spheres Of Water Supply, Sewerage And Sewage Treatment In Russia," prepared specifically for the representatives of French company GDF Suez.

11-12 October 2010 Carana LLC consultants took part in the All-Russian seminar-meeting organized by the Federal Tariff Service of Russia in Sochi entitled "Preliminary Results Of Tariff Regulation In 2010 And The Goals Of State Regulatory Bodies For 2011-2012."

6-11 June 2010 the consultants of our company together with representatives of OJSC "UES FGC" and OJSC "IDC Holding" took part in the seminar on the calculation of return on capital employed in the establishment of tariffs in the electric power industry on the example of energy companies in the UK and Germany (London - Berlin).

17-19 May 2010 our consultants together with representatives of LLC "Hevel" participated in the seminar "Business Planning And The Method Of Cost Calculation Of Electricity Generated By Solar Power" (Zurich, Switzerland).

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